Complete Safety Supplies

Chilling Down Hot Food Safely

It is extremely important that businesses in the food industry take extra care to monitor the cooling of hot foods in order to prevent the risk of bacteria growth. Once an item of food has dropped below 63ºC and remains above 5ºC, bacteria can be produced exponentially. The growth of bacteria can cause food spoilage and food poisoning, so it is essential that food should remain within the danger zone for as short a time as possible. Working kitchens are naturally warm places and temperatures remain well within the danger zone.... Read More


Brewer Digital Thermometer Kit – Create the perfect mash

The brewery industry has grown significantly over the past few years, an increasing number of breweries have opened up as well as a rising interest in home-brewing. We’ve had numerous enquiries from customers looking for equipment to improve their brewing processes and have pulled together a range of products to assist breweries and home-brewers. In a previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of ATP testing for improving cleaning systems for commercial breweries. This post focuses on the role of temperature monitoring in the brewing process and the equipment they need to create the perfect... Read More

Food Safe Workwear – Alsico Range

Our Alsico workwear range is a fantastic addition for companies looking to improve the quality and durability of their workwear range. For businesses within the food industry, we have a selection of food safe garments that comply with guidelines such as BRC and SALSA. A food safety requirement for garments is to have no external pockets, this is to remove the risk of any items falling out of pockets and contaminating the product. We have recently introduced a selection of new colours to the Lab Coat without pockets and the Food Trade Trousers... Read More

Validation and Verification – what’s the difference?

Validation and verification are terms that often get confused, so we thought we’d set the record straight on validation and verification and how it can be used within your business. Verification and validation are independent procedures that can be used together to test that a product, service, or system fulfills its intended purpose. These procedures are commonly used as part of a quality management system or within third party standards such as ISO 9000. The purpose of validation is to prove that a system will sufficiently achieve it’s goal, verification is concerned with whether that system is effective. An... Read More

Benefits of E-Learning

The process of staff training can create serious headaches for management and HR. Businesses need to ensure that all staff are trained sufficiently and comply with the legal standards for food safety and health and safety. In environments such as restaurants and hotels, where staff turnover can be at a high rate, training can create a serious drain on time and costs. E-learning provides an effective solution to eradicate the costs of time and money involved in ongoing staff training. In some cases, business owners can end up losing an entire work... Read More


ATP Monitoring for Breweries

The brewery industry has been booming over the last few years, and now more than ever, it is important for businesses within the brewery industry to ensure they produce safe and quality beers. An increasing number of breweries are turning to ATP testing to validate the effectiveness of their cleaning systems and prove to potential, and existing retailers, the high standard of safety within their operation. ATP testing is a simple and affordable method to verify the efficiency of cleaning systems. An ATP meter works in combination with swabs designed to detect... Read More


Pass your audit first time with these 6 steps

Whether you have a food safety or health and safety audit on the way, here are a few steps you can take to ensure a smooth and successful audit. 1. Prepare the site Unfortunately, when it comes to audits, it is often true that by failing to prepare you really are preparing to fail. The impression of an organised operation during an audit is invaluable. By ensuring you have the necessary documents to hand when asked for, you are proving to the auditor that you operate to professional standards within your business and... Read More

Gain Control of your Supply Chain – Assist

A Supplier Approval Process is an essential element for any businesses looking to gain control over the quality of their product. Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer, or an agent or broker, it is increasingly important to have traceability of a product throughout the whole supply chain. A product can be passed through numerous businesses before reaching the end user. Large retailers require a clear view of the safety management systems in place that maintain the quality of that product through all suppliers. It has increasingly become a requirement for manufacturers to comply with... Read More

Benefits of ATP Testing

What is ATP Testing? Adenosine Trisphosphate (ATP) is an energy molecule found in all living things. The detection of ATP is therefore a clear indicator in determining the efficiency of cleaning processes in removing bacteria. ATP hygiene testing works by combining ATP with a liquid-stable reagent. The chemical reaction caused by the combination emits light, which is then measured as a direct proportion to the amount of ATP present. The process of ATP testing is straight-forward and easy to use. Simply swab the area you would like to test. Snap the... Read More


Stay Warm and Safe with FlexiTog Workwear

Working in low temperatures can create significant risk to employee health, short term and long term. If you are frequently exposed to cold temperatures at work, it is vital that you enlist appropriate workwear to keep you warm and safe. Just an hour or two’s exposure to cold temperatures can cause health issues such as swelling and soreness. These symptoms can worsen if exposure to cold continues. For those working in wet or damp cold conditions are at a greater health risk. If employees find that their feet are consistently... Read More