Benefits of E-Learning

The process of staff training can create serious headaches for management and HR. Businesses need to ensure that all staff are trained sufficiently and comply with the legal standards for food safety and health and safety.

In environments such as restaurants and hotels, where staff turnover can be at a high rate, training can create a serious drain on time and costs. E-learning provides an effective solution to eradicate the costs of time and money involved in ongoing staff training.

In some cases, business owners can end up losing an entire work day for multiple members of staff to undergo training, as staff will often go online coursesthrough training together. Online courses provide business owners with the flexibility to provide staff training at a time most suitable. This could be during their commute, lunch breaks, designated training time that you set aside on a daily/weekly basis or even outside of work. It also gives staff the freedom to identify which areas of training they need to repeat, and the option to carry out training around their work and social life.

With online certifications, learners can purchase and pass a course at a very quick rate, ideal for businesses who need their staff to have certain qualifications. This is a fantastic solution for business owners looking to ensure their staff have the necessary skills and accreditations to work efficiently within their role.

Online learning is also an economic alternative to traditional classroom learning. Without the need for physical space and the time of a specialised trainer, the costs of learning online can be considerably lower.

Benefits of E-learning

• Flexible – users can learn when they want, where they want and at a pace that suits them.

• Certifications – acquire third party qualifications quickly and easily.

• Cost-effective – remove the costs of hiring trainers and venues to execute courses.

We currently have a selection of E-learning courses available to purchase, including:

• Food Safety Level 1

• Food Safety Level 2

• Health and Safety Level 1

• Health and Safety Level 2

• Manual Handling e-learning course


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