Stay Warm and Safe with FlexiTog Workwear

Working in low temperatures can create significant risk to employee health, short term and long term. If you are frequently exposed to cold temperatures at work, it is vital that you enlist appropriate workwear to keep you warm and safe.

Just an hour or two’s exposure to cold temperatures can cause health issues such as swelling and soreness. These symptoms can worsen if exposure to cold continues.

flexitog boot

For those working in wet or damp cold conditions are at a greater health risk. If employees find that their feet are consistently damp in cold conditions, they are potentially at risk of immersion foot. This can be avoided by using a pair of durable, warm work boots.

More severe health issues that can arise from long periods of exposure to cold temperatures can include frostbite, and even hypothermia.hard hat liner

Considering the risks of exposure to low temperatures it is important to protect yourself by wearing reliable, warm workwear. It is important to avoid incomplete coverage to ensure against any exposure to the cold.

Keeping your head warm and protected is essential in extremely cold environments like freezers, to make sure that you do not unnecessarily lose heat. The FlexiTog cold environment hard hat flexitog jacketliners provides unrivalled warmth and comfort for the user. When used with the FlexiTog hard hat it also provides high levels of protection.

Our range of cold environment clothing includes jackets, gilets, trousers, and salopettes. Freezer jackets are ideal, as they are designed specifically for use in freezers and cold stores with thick yet lightweight wadding to trap extra air for warmth, and durable fabric to stand up to harsh conditions. FlexiTog gloveLayering your clothing, with lighter layers close to the skin, will help you to be prepared for any eventuality, and will also help to trap air in between the layers- keeping you even warmer.

Freezer Gloves are really important for protecting your hands whilst handling items in freezers, providing great grip and keeping your hands warm so that their functionality is not impaired.

Our team at Complete Safety Supplies have the industry knowledge to advise on appropriate PPE for a wide range of working environments. Find out how your business can increase productivity and employee well being by talking to an expert on 08450 267 745.

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