Benefits of a Food Safety Certification

Benefits of Food Safety Certification

The presence of a food safety and quality management certification provides evidence that a business operates to a recognised high standard for food hygiene and safety. This can be an important consideration for potential customers who are looking to safeguard their supplier chain.

Third party certifications are awarded based on the results of independent audits evaluated against accepted national and international industry standards. The presence of a third party certification such as BRC or SALSA, provides existing and potential customers with confidence in the BRC-logosafety and security of your products.

Whether you are manufacturing, storing and distributing or packaging food, a certification demonstrates a higher standard of food safety and quality management maintained at your business. It is becoming increasingly essential for food companies to possess a third party safety certification in order to keep up with competitors on the market. This can be vital in securing contracts with large retailers and is often a pre-requisite as part of a supplier approval process.

In following the guidance of food safety standards, your business is employing a best practice approach and ultimately improves the standard of your service. A well-implemented food safety management system can help businesses consistently produce safe, quality food.

The presence of a food safety management system indicates that management are meeting and exceeding their legal responsibilities in relation to food safety legislation and regulation. If you choose not to implement a recognised food safety system, you might be lucky enough to not experience any food safety failures. But there is also a chance you may experience such issues as product contamination and costly food recalls that can severely damage your reputation as a business.

Financially, a well-functioning food safety and quality management system will deliver long-term cost efficiencies by helping businesses diminish their risk of contamination and the costs of food recalls.

Our parent company, CFS, specialise in assisting growing companies with a practical, proportionate approach to Food Safety and Health and Safety. We offer consultancy for a wide range of food safety standards, including BRC, SALSA, Soil Association and many more.100% success rate

To start the route to certification, one of our consultants will conduct an on-site gap analysis to assess the existing level of compliance to the chosen standard. From the gap analysis we can form a proposal on what areas and systems need to be improved in order to help you achieve successful certification. Throughout the process to certification, we are always on hand to assist in any way possible to ensure a smooth transition to BRC compliance. Our highly qualified consultants are available across the UK.

We are very proud of the success we have had with our clients, we have a 100% success rate in guiding our clients to certification for BRC and SALSA. Take a look at some of our recent success stories on our CFS Blog.

To find out more about how your business can benefit from a food safety certification, talk to an expert on 08450 267 745.


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