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The Benefits of ATP Monitoring Systems and How They are Helping the Brewery Industry

A major challenge for brewers is to make safe, quality beer that maintains consumer confidence meets expectations and keeps costs and wastage to a minimum. Quality assurance for any business owner is majorly important, particularly in the food and drink industry. Fortunately, there is a solution which is helping the brewery industry in the simple form of a rapid ATP Hygiene Monitoring test. The ATP monitoring systems are easy to use, extremely sensitive and affordable. The EnSURE Touch is the most recent development of monitoring systems, a more advanced version... Read More

Chilling Down Hot Food Safely

It is extremely important that businesses in the food industry take extra care to monitor the cooling of hot foods in order to prevent the risk of bacteria growth. Once an item of food has dropped below 63ºC and remains above 5ºC, bacteria can be produced exponentially. The growth of bacteria can cause food spoilage and food poisoning, so it is essential that food should remain within the danger zone for as short a time as possible. Working kitchens are naturally warm places and temperatures remain well within the danger zone.... Read More