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New Products – FlexiTog Thermal Workwear

The FlexiTog workwear has always been one of our most popular ranges, offering warmth, breathability and durability for those working in chilled or freezing environments. FlexiTog have recently introduced a number of upgrades to their classic collection range as well as introducing the new Endurance Drive range, ideal for forklift drivers. Endurance Drive The Endurance drive collection uses new technology for maximum warmth and comfort – perfect for forklift drivers. As the activity rate is low when sitting for long periods, the thermal and breathability properties of the products within this range have been... Read More


Stay Warm and Safe with FlexiTog Workwear

Working in low temperatures can create significant risk to employee health, short term and long term. If you are frequently exposed to cold temperatures at work, it is vital that you enlist appropriate workwear to keep you warm and safe. Just an hour or two’s exposure to cold temperatures can cause health issues such as swelling and soreness. These symptoms can worsen if exposure to cold continues. For those working in wet or damp cold conditions are at a greater health risk. If employees find that their feet are consistently... Read More

Safety within the Workplace – Forklift Trucks

Safety within the Workplace – Forklift Trucks Forklift trucks and other types of lift trucks are involved in around a quarter of all workplace transport related accidents/incidents. These accidents/incidents can often be put down to poor supervision and lack of training. As an employer, you have numerous duties under various health and safety laws to ensure the safety of anyone affected by what you do (including employees and members of the public). Employees and the self-employed also have duties to look after their own health and safety and that of... Read More