Benefits of ATP Testing

What is ATP Testing?

Adenosine Trisphosphate (ATP) is an energy molecule found in all living things. The detection of ATP is therefore a clear indicator in determining the efficiency of cleaning processes in removing bacteria.

ATP hygiene testing works by combining ATP with a liquid-stable reagent. The chemical reaction caused by the combination emits light, which is then measured as a direct proportion to the amount of ATP present.

The process of ATP testing is straight-forward and easy to use. Simply swab the area you would like to test. Snap the valve at the top of the swab, then squeeze the liquid down to the bottom of the swab to react. Place the swab inside the luminometer and record the results.

Benefits of ATP Testing

• Quick, effective and accurate method of validating cleaning practices.

• Demonstrate due diligence to customers as part of supplier approval management.

• Avoid food safety breaches that can lead to costly food recalls or food hygiene fines.

• Use as a training tool to educate staff on the importance of thorough cleaning.

A wide range of industries can benefit from the use of ATP testing, from cleaning companies to breweries, it is important to actively verify the effectiveness of cleaning procedures to protect your business.

ATP Swabs

UltraSnap Swabs

ultrasnapThe UltraSnap ATP Swabs are easy to use, small, and environmentally friendly. UltraSnap uses a unique liquid-stable reagent providing superior accuracy, longer-lasting signal strength, and more reproducible results. Use in conjunction with the Hygiena SystemSure to record results.


AquaSnap Swab

The AquaSnap swabs are an all-in-one sampling device for ATP detection in liquid samples. AquaSnap features a dipper collection tip, coated with an agent to aid in sample collection and ATP extraction for repeatable and accurate results.

SnapShot Swabs

The SnapShot swabs are a universal swab designed to help companies conducting ATP monitoring with a 3M™ or Bio-Trace™ luminometers. This helps businesses reduce costs and record more accurate results.

Alternatives to ATPPro-clean

As part of our Hygiene Monitoring range, there are a number of alternatives to ATP testing that suit a range of business operations. The swabs below work on a colour change system, following the same swabbing technique as ATP, but instead displaying a change in colour to show results. The advantage of colour change swabs is that they do not require a luminometer to measure results.

PRO-Clean Swabs

The PRO-clean swabs detect protein residues left on a surface after learning to expose in-effective cleaning. These swabs an all-in-one test, showing results through a colour change on the swab.

 spotcheck plusSpot Check Plus Glucose and Lactose Swabs

The Hygiena SpotCheck swabs detect Glucose and Lactose residues left on a surface after cleaning, ideal for use in environments where protein is not abundant. These swabs are colour-change so can be used on their own rather than in conjunction with a luminometer.

InSite Listeria Swabs

The InSite Listeria swabs are an effective, easy-to-use, self contained, environmental Listeria species test. Each device contains a chromogenic liquid media formulated with antibiotics, growth enhancers, and color changing compounds specific to Listeria species.

InSite Salmonella Swabs

This Insite Samonella swabs are self contained, cost effective, environmental swab test that provides all the advantages of in-house testing.

Using Hygiene Monitoring equipment is an effective way to verify the efficiency of cleaning methods and demonstrate due diligence in improving the standard of hygiene at your business. The BRC Food Safety standard actually refer to ATP testing in Issue 7, as a recommended method to improve hygiene systems.

To find out how your business could benefit from Hygiene Monitoring equipment, talk to an expert on 08450 267 745. We have knowledge in a wide range of industries and can advise on what swabs are best suited to your business.









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