Prevent Product Recalls with Detectable Products

Last week, both ASDA and Waitrose had to issue product recalls due to plastic contamination in products. Foreign body contamination accounted for the fifth largest category of food safety incidents reported by the Food Standards Agency in 2015. These contamination incidents can lead to serious headaches for businesses.

Our range of detectable products are an effective solution to prevent contamination from plastic and rubber particles in food production lines. The BST  range of detectable products are manufactured from special polymers that contain magnetic properties. When used in conjunction with a metal detection or x-ray inspection system, the magnetic properties within these products highlight any foreign bodies within a product.J800 BST Pens

Why choose our Metal Detectable Range:

  • Manufactured from the most durable, dual detectable plastic on the market
  • Bright colours for visual detection and colour co-ordination
  • Fully Metal Detectable and X-Ray visible
  • Silver ion antibacterial protection
  • Shatter resistant
  • FDA & EU food contact approved

detectable spadeFood Handling:

Food safe detectable plastic plays a vital role in the safe handling of food products, protecting the consumer and the processor from unwanted and unsafe foreign body contamination. We offer a range of detectable paddles, scrapers and scoops – all food contact approved, hard wearing, cost effective and ideal for food handling and general applications in hygiene critical processing environments.


Stationary items, such as pens, are a common source of foreign body contamination for the food industry. By using metal detectable pens you are demonstrating excellent due diligence in the prevention of foreign body contamination and is often held in high regard by auditors.detectable pens

Detectable PPE:

Our range of detectable PPE shows use of “all due diligence” in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments with a complementary range of non-detectable products. We have a wide range of detectable PPE including mob caps, overshoes, gloves, and earplugs etc.

To find out how your business can benefit from the use of detectable products, talk to an expert on 08450 267 745. Take a look at our full range here.


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