October 2017

Benefits of a Food Safety Certification

Benefits of Food Safety Certification The presence of a food safety and quality management certification provides evidence that a business operates to a recognised high standard for food hygiene and safety. This can be an important consideration for potential customers who are looking to safeguard their supplier chain. Third party certifications are awarded based on the results of independent audits evaluated against accepted national and international industry standards. The presence of a third party certification such as BRC or SALSA, provides existing and potential customers with confidence in the safety... Read More


7 Steps for Effective Allergen Control

The importance of effectively controlling allergens in food production is extremely high. Around 2 million people in the UK are living with a food allergy, with an average of 10 fatal reactions to undeclared allergenic ingredients a year. Poor allergen control poses significant risks to your consumers and your business reputation. There are 170 foods known to induce allergic reactions, EU regulations focus on 14 allergens. These are the most common foods to provoke allergic reactions: The 14 main allergens to be aware of are: Celery Cereals that contain gluten (including wheat, rye,... Read More

Prevent Product Recalls with Detectable Products

Last week, both ASDA and Waitrose had to issue product recalls due to plastic contamination in products. Foreign body contamination accounted for the fifth largest category of food safety incidents reported by the Food Standards Agency in 2015. These contamination incidents can lead to serious headaches for businesses. Our range of detectable products are an effective solution to prevent contamination from plastic and rubber particles in food production lines. The BST  range of detectable products are manufactured from special polymers that contain magnetic properties. When used in conjunction with a metal detection or x-ray inspection system, the magnetic... Read More