September 2017

Validate Temperature Monitoring Equipment

As part of an effective HACCP plan, temperature thermometers need to be regularly validated to ensure that they are operating accurately. Especially within the food industry, it is essential that temperature monitors produce accurate readings and ensure food is stored and cooked safely. The consequences of an incorrect reading can have a highly damaging effect, for both the consumer and the business. The SALSA requirement for temperature calibration states that: “Environment monitoring devices, such as temperature monitoring equipment and process control devices such as weighing equipment identified as essential for... Read More

Benefits of Hands-Free Sanitation Dispensers

An increasing number of hospitals, schools and businesses are implementing hands free soap or sanitiser dispensers to help combat the spread of harmful bacteria. Hands-free sanitation dispensers are an effective solution to reduce the spread of bacteria in high risk areas. By eliminating a common touch point, such as a hand pump soap dispenser, touch free sensors reduce the risk of coming in to contact with bacteria. Touch free sanitation dispensers are easy to use, particularly for those that may struggle to reach over countertops. Benefits of Hand Sanitation Dispensers: Reduce... Read More